Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bizzy Bee

I was a busy little bee this past weekend. With Norah's 1st B-day party coming up, the outside really needed to have some work done. I've neglected it for the past couple of years and it needed an overhaul. So, on Friday I called up Ohio Mulch and ordered 60 bags (yeah, sixty) of cypress mulch (the big 3 cu. ft. bags at that). They arrived Saturday morning on 2 pallets. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't. *shrug* So Saturday I spent about 7 hours outside weeding, trimming, edging and mulching the front. There were alot of weeds, let me tell you, but I pulled them all out one by one. The front used 13 bags of mulch.

On Sunday, I had a little bit of time, so I weeded the deck. Sound strange? Well not really. You see, the original owners had a big concrete slab out back, but they decided they needed another 2 ft of space all the way around, so they basically put up some railroad ties and bricks and extended it out. So what happens is that weeds like to grow in the sandy base and between the bricks. So what one has to do is, well, weed the deck. My tool of choice is an old cutting knife that's been in the family at least 30 years (well, it's so dull now it doesn't cut anything). I basically would put the blade between the bricks and extract the ugly weeds. The funny thing is that my body hurt more doing that for and hour and a half than it did from the 7 hours the previous day. Weird.

Then me, the wife and the little one went back home to Anna and celebrated Father's Day and my mom and my sisters birthdays. It was nice to see them.

And that was my weekend. I still have alot of yard work to do. I still need to weed, edge and mulch under one of the trees out back. Then the weeding, edging and mulching of the LARGE section in the back. That is where the majority of the mulch is going. I'm thinking it will take 40 bags, but even now, I'm concerned that I might not have enough, especially if I am trying to put down the correct amount of mulch (ie, 2 to 3 inches deep, like I did out front). And there is a little section with 3 bushes in it that, as you guessed, also needs weeded, edged and mulched. I'd still like to even up thr bricks on the deck. After a few years they tend to dip towards the edges. When I do that, I'll probably also lay down some plastic under this bricks in hopes that it will cut down on the number of weeds that take root. That's the hope at least.

How was your weekend?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Interesting... Update...

So, I decided to look at some of my old blog entries... from like 2002, etc. Ran into a few weird things I had kinda forgotten about. Like I started using Blogger just 10 days after Sept 11th.

I also found a entry on my old LiveJournal which said that 'Afternoon Delight' as done during the movie Anchorman was awesome. I stick with statement. Which lead me to YouTube of course since the original link I had went nowhere anymore. I love the YouTube, but why do people insist on video taping their TV screens. I found 3 versions of this freakin' song in which some knucklehead who had apparntly no knowledge of ripping an mpg from a DVD but could still manage to upload them videotaping (or using their digital camcorder in 2007 terms) said clip. WTF? If you aren't smart enough to rip the sumbitch, then don't fucking bother. Pisses me off that the DECENT version of this showed up on the page FOUR. The other P.O.S.s shows up in the first three pages along with a multitude of other people trying to sing this song (or something). Anyways, I finally found a decent enough copy to share.

And while searching for that, I found a rip of Will Ferrel on SNL doing 'Storytellers: Neil Diamond'. I love this skit for disturbing reasons. Not as much as the 'Blue Oyster Cult... more cowbell... behind the music' skit, but a close second. Unfortunately, both versions that I found were from a SNL special. But anyways... still funny.

So... I did manage to find something on YouTube. Which is where I can, for the moment, actually kill some time.


I've found that I have a set number of websites that I look at on the Internet now. It used to be, not long ago, that if I was on the Internet I ended up just about anywhere. And could surf for hours and hours without really repeating much. So, I'm sitting here at work during a slight lull and I honestly have no idea what to do. I've looked at all the sites I usually look at everyday, I've looked at all the blogs I normally look at and that leaves me where I'm currently at. Well, ok, I did go to MSNBC and kinda peruse the Entertainment and Science / Tech news, which lead me to Space.com... but that was a grand total of 20 minutes... max. So now I sit here, updating my blog and trying to figure out what the hell I used to do not so many years ago that would have me on my computer for hours on end.

Maybe I'll go look at AtariAge.com. Maybe that will direct me somewhere of interest... but I highly doubt it.

Wish me luck.

Nice Father's Day

Well, my first Father's Day was quite nice. Mine started a little early, beginning on Saturday. My wife treated me to some wings and rings at Quaker Steak and Lube. As always, I got the Buckeye BBQ and it was tasty. Then we did a little bit o' Big Lots shopping. On Sunday morning, my wife made me a wonderful breakfast complete with eggs, pancakes, bacon AND sausage. It was deeeeelicious. For lunch we went to Skyline... yummy! Present-wise, Maryann got me the new Dream Theater album (and it rawks!) and Norah got me the latest Neil Peart book (which rawks as well).

So, yeah, I had a great Father's Day weekend. Yay me!