Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks Tom! and other news (or lack thereof)

I know I've thanked him a million times over, but again, a big Thank You to Tom who helped me finish off digging and filling in the leech bed that I had to put in since I'm getting new gutters on the house soon.

Other than that, notta much going on. Work is getting better by the day simply because I'm learning more and more about the product.

I'm eating lemon jello pudding with a fork right now and it's pretty tasty. Thank you Odd.. er Big Lots for pricing it at 79c for 4 little tubby thingys. I also bought some Farley's Fruit Slices candy thee as well. Kinda like the orange slice candy except that is has lots of other flavors. I didn't need them, but I went during lunch, before I ate, which is like the worst thing that you can do. I put back at least 5 other things: Hunt's Speghetti sauce in a 28 oz can, a jar of Mt. Olive 'garlic-free' dill pickles, Zattaran's Brown Rice and Sausage Heat n Eat package, 1 liter of some off brand strawberry soda and some cheepo tortilla chips.

Um... Norah is thiiiiiiiiiis close to crawling at the moment. She can definitely motor around alot faster. I really need to kiddie-proof the concrete thingy in front of the fireplace.

And that's about all I got.

And how are you???

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Todd S. said...

So...I could be weird, but that Zatarans' pouch shite was vile.

and garlic free pickles? That's just wrong...but I'm diggin' the fruit slices :-)

We need to jam soon :-)