Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everyone, Meet Dwight

This is our new cat, Dwight. We adopted him from my wife's mom who got him from my wife's niece who got it from my wife's sister. He looks pretty darn close to Stinky. However, instead of being 10 years old, he is 6 months old... and still has his claws and other parts. For now. :) We named him after our favorite character on The Office, Dwight Shrute. Other names that I was planning on calling the cat, but were quickly vetoed were: SFC, DFC and SOB. Stinky II and Junior were also at least considered, but since we named him on the run (ie... on the way to the vet, seeing how we arrived in Cinci to find him with an infected eye), we managed to agree on Dwight. He's already a fairly large kitten for his age. He's probably going to be another freakin' huge cat.

1 comment:

Amelia said...

welcome Dwight.. in a pinch you could call him Ike if you are looking for a nickname