Sunday, November 12, 2006


I guess I am going to resurrect my blog here, for no particular reason other than a couple of my friends have blogs and they exist on the farm.

Most of the time, my posts will be odd observations.

For example:
The other day I was driving to work when I saw a Dodge Neon. A plain-jane, off the lot, stock Neon. Why is this of any interest? Well, because this Dodge Neon had spinners. Just because you put spinners on your car, doesn't mean that it automatically makes your car cool. Actually, it just makes you look like a dork.


Bald Man Tom said...

Dude, I don't think you're looking at the big picture. I think he's going for something like this...

~ruthie said...

know what's dorkier? a green plymouth voyager mini-van that i pass every day on the way to work that has spinners on it--driven by a midle aged black woman....but one of them is broken, so only 3 spin, and the other is all junked and broken looking.