Wednesday, October 17, 2001

The thing I hate about being a musician is that you either have to be 1) fucking depressed, 2) on crack or other upper or downer narcotic or 3) both. Why can I only be creative when things in general suck? Work is slow. I haven't played with the band for two weeks. The leaves are falling and I have a big backyeard with a ton of big trees. I'm a lonely man. The rest of the world is out to get the country I live in. My 401k has earned -30% so far this year. The living room needs cleaned and painted.

So of course with all this shee-ot bearing down on the middle toe of my left foot, I had to write a new Devilcake song. It has a Halloween tinge to it which honestly was by coincidence. And I like it alot. And Todd likes it. And Ian likes it. And hopefully the Mikes like it. And hopefully if we get a gig before the end of the year, you too can hear it.

Other than that, I'm just glad that Ian-dude is back in town and that Todd is finally moved into his house. I miss the Mikes too. We're having practice tomorrow. Hopefully all of us haven't forgotten the songs we've spent the past 8 months learning, or even worse, have forgotten how to play our instruments. Aw shit!

Well, tis late and I have to go to that hell-hole that funds my nasty habit of musicology.

Later 'Gator!

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