Tuesday, October 02, 2001

I'm not sure why I'm writing in my blogger right now. I have a pile of bills sitting next to me, all overdue, and then some. I need to renew my drivers license and tags. The bathroom is still not finished but coming very close. I am supposed to be project engineer for the project that has been sitting stagnant since May. I think the lawn needs mowed. Another summer has gone by and I still haven't stained the deck. Thw world is coming apart at the seams. I'm out of groceries. The laundry is still downstairs waiting to be folded.

And yet, I am writing in my blog instead. There's something very wrong here. So I will leave with a few small comments:

1) I got a splinter in my hand when moving a dresser into Todd's new place and it hurts like hell. I took a needle to it, but that didn't help.

2) Xanadu was a great movie. Olivia Newton-John in a tiger-print outfit is 'totally hot' (pun completely intended)

3) I have a cold and I am pissed off.

4) I still haven't figured out what exactly I need before going on my cruise.

5) What the hell am I doing going on a cruise.

6) I think I might be out of stamps.

7) I missed my friend's sister's wedding. The invite was misplaced for an entire month. I found it tonight when going through all the bills (that I haven't paid).

8) The new Ben Folds album is very good and I like it alot.

9) My one friend has YET to bring in the two DVDs I've asked for: The Gift and Body Shots. I have a thing for Katie Holmes and Tara Reid. Or something like that.

and finally...

10) There is no such thing as 'too many CDs' or 'too many albums'.

I guess I'll pay bills now considering it's past midnight.

yodel yodel yodel

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