Thursday, September 27, 2001

Yup. We had practice yesterday. WEEE!!! Ian surprised me by asking me to put on Bloody Red Steak which was a super-slow metal dirgy thingy (which is slated for my solo album) when the guys were around. Then they made me figure out how to play it again. After tuning the guitar back down to C, I was able to figure out the whole 3 chords. Then we went downstairs and played it a few times.

I have such a hard time playing s-l-o-w. I usually have a tendency to speed up every song we play. And that drives Ian nuts. And it drives Todd nuts. And, actually, it drives me nuts.

So, after we played Bloody a few times, I requested that we do the set list again. I hadn't played most of the songs since the last show at the end of the July, so that makes it 2 months. Weinermobile went fine. Then we got to the first train-wreck of the evening, Marshmallow. I couldn't even hear it in my head... it was a bit weird. But once Ian played the bass line for me again, I remembered and we continued. I played it a bit on the slow side, inspired (?) by the super-slow speed of Steak. Then came Sac Leg. That went fine. Actually, the rest of the set went fine. We skipped Oreos and Chick Nugs because they require the guitars to be downtuned. Chuck Bill said he needed to leave at 8:30, so we skipped... well the rest of the set. So really we only played half the set list.

Then we played a new Todd-penned, Darrin-orchestrated tune called Flesh Feast that we've been working on (and have down). And we finished up with the 5/4 song. And at 8:30pm, da boyz were out da door.

It was a good practice I think. We told Gourley to get a gig set. AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN OPENING BAND, EMAIL US!!! Shit yeah!

Um... I am at a loss of words right now. To set the record straight: No, I did not see the new Star Trek and have no intentions of doing so. I always get people asking me that kinda shit. Do I look like I fucking watch Star Trek??? Well... maybe a little... but don't fucking insult me like that. Shit. And I don't get off on Star Wars either. I may program fucking computers, but JHC, does that mean I have to fucking worship Star Trek and Star Wars??? I don't know why that bugs me so frickin' much. The funny thing, I am still a total geek. I mean, I still try to catch the new Junkyard Wars shows. I've gotten away from BattleBots a little bit, but if I'm surfing and everything else sucks, then I'll watch it. Whatcha gonna do?

Well, I'm gonna split. Catch ya later!

Peace outside.

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