Sunday, September 16, 2001

Hey-o folks out there in internet land. Welcome to my disturbing world. Actually, I'm pretty plain when it comes down to it but let me just believe what I want to believe, ok? Thanks. I appreciate it. So I'm supposed to write something in here... ok. I can do that.

So we've been working on some new material that I think is challenging and that is good. We've already laid down the drum and bass tracks and hope that we can continue to move forward on completing the album, yet to be titled. I think we prolly need a few more songs to fill out the album. I think we have (counting...cnb.slol.ff.w.pp) five complete songs now and are currently working on 2 others. I wrote some lyrics a while back and gave them to MCB, but I'm not sure if he's working on it or lost them or what. As Fifth Angel once said, "Time will tell."

As for the solo album, I thought I was done about two months ago. However, I was back home in Anna, OH (woo hoo!!!) at my parent's house and they have a piano. With a little piece-o-junk GE recorder, I pressed record and all sorts of bizarre songs came out of it. Off the top of my head all these weird songs came out. So, I figure they might make the album. Maybe not. You'll have to buy the boxset to find out sucka!

Well, I'z gotta be going now. I need to flip some discs that I bought the other day. I got them about 3 weeks ago when Todd and I went to the Goodwill store and I just haven't had time to listen to them... mainly because I was listening to the stash that I got from Used Kids the week after that. Used Kids rules by the way. If you're bored some evening, email Ian and ask him about the horde of Bill Nelson cassettes he purchased. It'll keep ya busy and make Ian happy too! :-)


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