Thursday, June 29, 2017

No really... I think I'm done for the moment!

I know I said I was done getting movies for a little while in the last post.  I meant it.  I really did.

But then I went to Half Price Books in Hamilton and spied a couple more things that were reasonably priced.  And I left them there.

And then Father's Day came along and I went back out and got them. LOL!  I mean you could say that this was my Father's Day gift to myself, but I think I've been getting alot of gifts as of late, so... yeah.  Things.

One of the sets I got was John Wayne - The Tribute Collection from Mill Creek.  25 films with The Duke!  I got this one for 8 movies that I didn't have yet.  There was a 50 movie collection featuring John Wayne and various western trios.  I pretty much had 40 of the movies in that pack with the exception of a handful of John Wayne movies.  This movie set picked up all but 3 of them.  (Still need to find a collection which contains 'Range Feud', 'Texas Cyclone' and 'Two-Fisted Law')

The next collection is a mundanely named collection called '15 Martial Arts Movies' from the newly discovered TG Direct.  They were the same company that did the Samurai Warriors collection.  I did my homework on this one and determined that 9 of the 15 would be new to my collection. Now here is where it gets amusing.  When I opened up the set, all of the discs were marked 'Samurai Warrior' but still had all the new titles on them. It's like this company pretty much brands any of their martial arts box sets 'Samurai Warrior'.   Weird.

Both of those were 5 bucks each so I didn't feel too bad.  The next set I got only cost 3 dollars from the bargain bin: The Best of Chaplin.  This set contains 28 features!  Most of them are short movies, but still, pretty cool find.

So, for realz this time.  I think I'm done for the moment.

Have a Happy 4th everyone!


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