Saturday, April 22, 2017

WWWW Sailing in a sea of stupidity WWWW

Hello nobody! It's been a while. Things have changed a bunch. About a year ago I moved to Cincinnati (more correctly Hamilton) Ohio. I have a new job, obviously. The world is as crazy as ever, which means my madness with stupid movies has not slowed down at all. I mean, why would it. It's the collector in me that just keeps going.

I actually posted a silent update a year and a half ago (Dec 2015). I added The Swingin' Seventies 50 pack and the Cowboys and Bandits pack to my collection.

The most recent batch came in April 2017. I subscribe to the Mill Creek YouTube channel and saw that they had started releasing some new 50 packs with cool titles like 'Mad Scientist Theater' and 'Killer Creature Features'. About that time as well, Coke was ending their My Coke Rewards points system which we had a few hundred points entered in already and needed to spend. With the points I knew I could get a $10 gift card and, at the same time, knew that Walmart sold many of the Mill Creek sets at a good price. So, I did my homework. Unfortunately, I own so many sets now that there was too much overlap (meaning only about 10 movies per 50 pack could have been new) so I didn't end up getting either of those (or any of the other 3 new 50 packs). But of course, they were also recommending some of the 20 movie packs. I took notice of a Musicals set among those. I did my homework and there was NO overlap with any of the sets I already had. Plus, it looked like it actually had some decent movies in it. I ordered for the swell price of $12.18. After it arrived, I did a little more homework. All of the movies were from Columbia Pictures and several of them were even nominated for Oscars. One of them even had 6 nominations including Best Actor in a Lead Role! Looking at the IMDB scores, most of them were in the mid 6's (out of 10) which is actually pretty good. I think the worst films in the collection had a 5.1, 5.7 AND 5.8 rating. Not bad.

Of course, whilst looking for a suitable boxset to purchase from Walmart, I did some much needed homework on the new and existing sets I didn't have from Mill Creek. The new collections on my radar are Iron Fist Frenzy, B-Movie Blast, and John Wayne and the Western Trios collection (in that order). The Iron Fist Frenzy collections contains all new stuff. The other two have a little over 30 new movies. Combat Classics, Cowboy Legends and Hollywood Comedy Legends are on the list after those three since they would have around 25 new titles each (so about 40% new stuff).

Once I started doing homework, the collector was awakened again. About a week after getting the musicals collection, I had to got back to Anna for some family stuff. In Sidney there is an Ollie's. I was a bit early to get into town (and I knew that they frequently have Mill Creek sets), so I stopped in. So glad I did. I picked up two more sets. The first is called Classic Sci-Fi TV which has 150 episodes of some sci-fi TV shows that cames out in the 50s and 60s. Good stuff. Very little overlap with the other TV pack and other Sci Fi packs I already had. I had seen it a few times at various Half Price Books stores but they always had it for 19.99. Too much for my blood. I picked it up at Ollie's for $5.99. Nice!

The other one is an odd ball. It was in the typical 50 movie pack, but once I picked it up I could tell it was different. It was simply called 'The Best Of Spaghetti Westerns' and was from a company called Timeless Media Group (I think they may be in cahoots with the Shout! Factory group). I already have the Mill Creek 44 Spaghetti Westerns collection, so I didn't hold out much hope for it. I turned it over and saw the price... $2.16. I didn't need to think any more. Even if it only had 3 new movies, it was still worth the price to me. Upon further inspection when I got it home, I determined it was a 10 disc / 20 movie set, there was only 1 or 2 movies I already had and the ones in the collection were usually ranked in the 6's which is pretty good. I put one of the discs in while writing up this post, and the quality on the two movies on that disc were impressive. Very bright colors, and widescreen with no cropping from what I could tell. I'm excited about this one!

So, another 40 movies and 150 TV episodes are getting added to the collection. Insane. I am really insane. But I'm sure the madness will continue on.   To see a full list of the stupid movies I have, go to my Stupid Movies post that I continue to update.

Hope all is well with everyone. Feel free to drop me a note or leave a comment.


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