Monday, June 13, 2011

Ants suck... and other things

Yeah... we have ants in the house... again. It appears that this will be a yearly thing unless I figure out how to deal with them. they are itty bitty teeny tiny orangish ants. I think they might be pharaoh ants. All I know is that I went to get somethign out of the pantry and they were in several lines up and down the wall. We we had to take all the shit out of there. Of course, my mom had put back some crackers without closing them at all and they were going to town on that. Egads. So i got some ant traps and also dusted around they entire house. That seemed to work last year. I also got some liquid borax stuff I think, so I might try that as well.

Work is going well. It's certainly a change of pace from how I am used to things working for the QA dept, so there's a little bit of acclimation going on for me. But, overall the people are nice and since they QA group just started, things generally aren't all "OMG the world is going to end if we don't test this!!!" so that's nice.

Been trying to knock shit off my to-do list which is something like 3 pages long (and technically still growing). I've started one of the harder projects which is to organize the misc crap I have that is considered "work bench" stuff (tape, tools, plumbing things, dry wall things, etc etc etc. it's a big pain in the ass, but it needs to be done.

I've managed a couple of satellite sessions in the past month or so. I almost went all of May without a single session, but I made a mad dash at the end and cranked out 3 very small sessions. And then I have a few from early June, also very small sessions. The sun doesn't even set until 9:30ish and it's not really dark until 10:30 and by that time my ass is tired and I want to go to sleep, so that's part of the reason for both the infrequency and the shortness of the sessions I have had. Also, bugs n mosquitoes are starting to come out in force. The wife bought me a citronella candle, so I'll see how that works. Not sure if they candle will inhibit my night vision or not. I guess I'll find out. If it does, then I guess I'll have to find an alternative such as spraying myself with OFF! or using that OFF! belt thingy.

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Bald Man Tom said...

re: ants - Terro works for us. Safe for kids and pets, just put it whereever you see the little bug(ger)s and wait.