Friday, June 11, 2010

Save A Turtle Day

Okay, I don't really think there is a day called that... but today I saved a turtle. I was leaving work to hit Taco Bell. As I was leaving I about hit a rock that was up against the curb... or at least it looked like a rock at first.. but as I looked in my rear-view, it appeared to be a turtle. So, I drove on not really sure of what I was seeing. I went to Taco Bell and on my way back, I said, 'well, if it's a turtle, he/she probably can't get up on the curb, so... I guess I'll have to help it'. As I returned, I was it was indeed a turtle. And not a small turtle. Like, it's shell was the size of a 5 gallon paint bucket lid. So, I parked and walk all the way back to the turtle who obviously wanted to get up on the curb but hadn't quite figure it out. So I went up behind it and picked it up by its shell. At that point, the turtle I guess 'hissed' or something and failed it's legs about rather quickly. (One assumes that they ALWAYS move slow, which is a big no-no). Startled, I kind of let go of the turtle, but since we were right at the curb the turtle landed up over the curb and into some much right next to th ewalkway which goes right past one of the two 'ponds' that are in front of the complex of building I worked at. I walked off since the turtle didn't really appreciate me touching it. But I looked back to see it's long head extend back out and it start moving forward again. If that turtle would have stayed there much longer, it surely would have been hit since the exit is on a slight bend and people get all in a rush and whip through the parking lot to get to the road which was 20 feet away. Had I not moved the turtle, it would have continued to follow the curb until it got to the road.

I saved a turtle!!!
Good deed of the day: Check.