Friday, April 23, 2010

Mid April Stuffage = Script Ohio

Before I forget all this stuff which I remembered this morning from the previous weekend (<--- was this even a sentence????)

We to my dad's shin-dig for Eastern Star. Had a beer and a stiff rum n coke to get me through the pleasantries. But the cool part of the evening was the fact that the entertainment that evening was the 'Hyperactive' Ohio State Alumni band. As I learned there are 3 active alumni bands. One is the 'performance' alumni band. They do the BIG alumni shows, ones that are covered on TV n whatnot. Then there is the 'active' alumni band which does the bigger conferences and stuff. Then there is the hyperactive band. They pretty much do everything: birthday parties, funerals (yeah, it actually happens), fund raisers, etc etc etc.

So the cool part was that my dad and his counterpart in the Eastern Star got to 'dot the I' while the band played "Le RĂ©giment de Sambre et Meuse" (aka, the song they play during Script Ohio). But even better, the drum major invited people in the crowd to stand up and march along with them. So as any pure OSU alumni would do, I got up and started marching. The sweet part was because the path the drum major took, the marchers actually had to perform the 'cross over' where every one has to weave in order to not run into each other (it's part of the O if you've seen Script Ohio. So, I can officially say I've marched to Script Ohio with TBDBITL.


The next day the family went to the Zoo. It was a wonderful day. It was in the upper 40s when we got there. I only had on a short sleeve T-shirt. It felt really good. The only time I actually got 'cold' was when we ate lunch by the 'lake'. It was a bit breezy and the wind coming off the 'lake' was rather cool. But other than that, it was wonderful.

We finally got to see the lion cubs. One of them started chasing a bird which for some reason refused to leave even when the lion cub was chasing it around. Finally the dad came over and put his paw on his sons head as if to say 'Son, quit chasing that bird and looking like a dork. You're embarassing me'.


The wife got the kids a sandbox the other day, so I've bee making sand castles with lil N for the past couple of evenings. I make the castles and she crushes them. I guess that's fair.


The wife got the first part of season 1 of 'Glee' on DVD from the Marysville library. So we've been watching that. It's good fun. I like musicals.


OK, I'm done for now. I honestly just wanted to remember the Script Ohio and zoo stuff.

Monday, April 05, 2010

April n March n stuff

Lessee here....

Finally got to see Ian's house which was cool. Can't wait for him to get the rekording studio up n running in the basement. We went to Blue Ginger on Sawmill. It's in the strip mall with BD Mongolian and Buy Backs. It's one of those weird things where on the outside it's just like any other building in a strip mall.. but when you walk in there, it is a very nice Japanese restaurant. I got a combo meal where I could you could get soup and two rolls. I got hot n sour and a crunchy salmon (or was it tuna) roll and come other roll with calamari in it. The rolls i got were of the smaller variety. The one Ian got was this huge monstrosity of a thing with all sorts of sauces drizzled on it. It looked tasty! We then went to buybacks and bought... nothing. Then we headed to 1/2 Price books on Bethel. Ian got a slew of CDs and I bought the Jimmy Buffet autobiography book from the 1990s and some other biography on Brian Wilson (which was new enough to have one of the Brian Wilson comebacks in it... I think it was the late 1990s one... not the release of Smile one). It was cool to hang out with Ian for a little bit.


The Monday after that I met up with my friend Tom and we went to 5 Guys Burgers. The place is very simple and the menu even more simple. The menu basically has single burgers, double burgers, fries, hot dogs and grilled cheese. That's it. It was very tasty indeed. They serve everything in a paper bag. If you go, get the regular fry only. I don't care how hungry you think you are, the reg fry will be plenty. See, then first package a reg cup of fries (kinda like at the fair). Then they put your burger in the bag, and then they they throw a whole bunch of fries in at the end. When Tom told me he couldn't eat all the fries the last time he ate there, I laughed at him and belittled him. Of course, that meant that it was almost guaranteed to be that I would not be able to eat all of mine... which is exactly what happened. (5 Guys Burgers is off of Avery-Muirfield by the BW3s). The double burger I got was good n greasy.


The Tuesday after that, I met up with my friend Kevin at Graffiti Burger (which is up on Sawmill in front of the Kroger Marketplace and next door to Pei Wei). It is a very similar concept to 5 Guys where the menu is minimal. I believe that Graffiti Burger has burers only, but they do have milkshakes as well. I got the namesake burger (which contained a spicy cole slaw served on the burger) and it was f'ing tasty.

Between 5 Guys and Graffiti, I would likely choose Graffiti, but they are both tasty (and can be a bit exspensive... my meal at 5 Guys was $11 and my meal at Graffiti was $10)


In other food news, a few days ago my wife returned from KFC with a surprise. Turns out, that while fried gizzards are not on the menu, some stores actually carry them. My wife was tipped to this when she saw a coupon somewhere mentioning that you could get 50 cents off of a gizzards meal but to ask at the store since not all carry gizzards. Prior to this, the only place I could get fried gizzards was at Lee's Famous Recipe. The closest one that I know of is in Bellefountaine, OH which is about 30 - 40 minutes away (though, it's on my way to heading back where my parents live). But now, I can have gizzards in 5 minutes as the Marysville KFC sells gizzards. TASTY!!!!


I bought this weird documentary about song poems called "Off The Charts: The Song-Poem Story". Song poems are just what they sound like. If you've ever been looking at the ads in the back of People magazie or probably comic books or even Rolling Stone as some point and you see the ad that says, 'Send up your poems and we'll see if you might be a songwriter in the making. Maybe you'll even get royalties!' then you understand the concept of the song poem. Anyways... I made the wife watch it. It was actually rather interesting, at least for the first 45 minutes. It was interesting to see the different people who send in their poems to have them recorded, as well as seeing the different people who record these song poems. There are even people who collect the fairly rare record compilations that these song poem companies occasionally put out. If you want to borrow it, lemme know and you can watch it. If you do, you'll at the very see the 'video' for the song "Non-violent TaeKwonDo Troopers" which was the wife's favorite song.

Heh.. just found this website... I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't mentioned in the movie somewhere.