Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's Official...

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Our house is sold. Sold in 7 days. And we are buying a house in Marysville.

We put our house on the market on Monday. Tuesday we saw three houses with only one being marginally acceptible. I was a bit distraught by the end of the day thinking that we had no chance of finding a house for the right price. By Wednesday we had 3 showings. Another 2 on Friday. A second showing on Saturday as well as two offers. At the same time on Saturday, we went and saw 5 houses. A few were front runners... but one we both went ga-ga for. Headed back to the realtors office, accepted one of the offer on our house (with a slight modification to allow us some wiggle room since they wanted to close by the end of the month)... and put in a bid on the other house. Turns out it was owned by a relocation company. since there aren't alot of jobs going around, there aren't alot of people needing to be relocated and therefore, dumping of houses begins. it had been on the market since may with a slightly inflated price (aren't they all) and it had just dropped in price again. with our offer we dropped it even more. since a company owned it, there was no weekend negotiations... so we had to wait an agnonizing two days (sunday and monday) before they countered and we accepted the slightly higher price (but still well below their original discounted price). So now we're just trying to get all the loan paperwork taken care of which... i think we're about 95% done before it gets sent off into mortgage la-la land where they look at it and thumb their noses at you while you wait (mostly impatiently) and then they finally 'accept' your loan two days before closing. i'm hoping it goes better than that. anyhoo... if all goes well, we'll close both houses on the 28th. of course, the family buying our house wants to move in immediately after signing, so we'll have to have EVERYTHING packed up before heading closing. oh the joy we will have. but in the end, it's gonna fucking rock. :)

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Ian C Stewart said...

hell yeah dude!

Todd S. said...

Dude. That fucking rules!