Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, I had a coupon that came with a McDouble or a large fry or something from McDonald's "Get a free med drink and med fries when you try the new third ponder angus burgers". Something was amiss already since they've had the angus burgers in Columbus for what seems at least a couple of years. So what's so new about it. I dunno. Maybe the whole bacon n cheese and de-lux and mushroom and swiss are new. *shrug*

Anyways, I thought I'd give them a shot for f'ing giggles sake. I got the bacon and cheese burger. Total? 3.99. Well, there's ONE reason I won't be buying it again. Four f'ing dollars for a hamburger at McDonald's? Whatever. Anyways, I got that and my free med fries and my med coke and headed back to work (which is only 3 minutes away) to eat it.

I'm not impressed. It was dry. And even with the bacon and chese, the hamburger was virtually tasteless. The only thing that provided some flavor was the purple onion strip (not a ring, but a single 'strip'). I get a better tasting (and more satisfying) meal by getting a dollar McDouble and a dollar fry.

Nice try to get get into the gourmet burger market, McDs, but you're going to have to try harder.

Now, if you'll excuse me... i need to chug down this medium coke to try to put some moisture back into my mouth after the angus burger dried it out. Well shoooooot. It's all gone. Good thing we have free pop here at work.


Ian C Stewart said...

hey ronald,
thanks for nothin'!
burger with a third of the an(g)us!

hey ronald!
purple taste strip up on this action right here...!

hey mcmofo

no actually it just reiterates 'i want a big mac', which this could be a part of. 'take back your angus! i didn't order that!'


Todd S. said...

Yeah. Every angus I've ever gotten (and trust me, with bacon-I can't really say no)...has sucked. Always dry. The bun always seems like last week's food pantry rejects. Not a good move.

I'll take the Wendy's Baconator any day.