Monday, March 30, 2009


I just finished up yet another MP3 CD and that put me over the 26000 mark.

To date, I have listened to 26093 songs for 1643 hours, 32 minutes and 5 seconds.



In other news, I got to go through all the parts for the swing set and it all appears to be in order.

I also want to say that, Jym and all the other meteorologists are snake oil salesmen. ALL WEEK LONG Saturday was supposed to be raining and T-storms with a 70% chance of precipitation. Do you know what we got on Saturday? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I could have put the swingset together and it would have been peachy.

However, I'm glad that the forecast was as it was because this gave me time to ready the instructions carefully on the playset as well as take inventory. Everything is in good order, so hopefully next weekend will be sunny (or at least not rainy) and Tom and I can get that sucker together.

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Bald Man Tom said...

Didja see that the snake oil salesmen said it's supposed to rain Wednesday and Friday? That ought to make the ground nice and soggy...