Monday, June 30, 2008

Painting done... yay!

I managed to get one coat o purple done on Thursday and then another coat done Friday night. On Saturday morning the Mrs and lil N went to a play date, so I took up all the painters tape. Overall, I'm happy with how it came out. There were only a few spots that I wish I could have done better, but oh well, unless you're looking to nit pick, it looks great. :)

We removed the closet door since it is a pinching hazard. So, once the Mrs got back home, we determined where the curtain for the closet needed to be. After that, I went out and picked up a couple of outlet covers, a white vent cover and a white tension rod. Two, actually, but one wasn't going to work because 1) it looked almost like a light blue and two it wasn't a tension rod, but an adjustable rod but it was expecting the installer to screw it into the wall, which I wasn't doing to do. Actually, the wife had picked up a closet rod hanger, so in fact, the tension rod won't have any tension on it at all. I made a slight boo boo on the paint when I actually applied and then took away the tension rod since the paint hadn't completely set. The paint tried to stick to the little rubber ends. Oh well. The paint actually stayed in place because I noticed before I yanked it away from the wall.

Oh, I also replaced all the outlets and switches with white ones since the original ones were the cream color, but the trim and the furniture is white... hence why I needed to go get outlet covers. I also put back up the blinds and the curtain rods on Saturday.

Yesterday (Sunday), we went out ad found some self adhesive carpet squares to replace the carpet that was in the closet. I yanked out all the tack board. I'm pretty sure that the carpet in there was the original from 1979 when the house was built since there were no other holes in the sub floor from the tack board or from the 'padding' that they had stapled onto the floor.

I also put together the tall chest of drawers. That took me about and hour and a half. Not bad considering that over half of the pieces weren't marked. Luckily, Sauder is very good with their parts inventory, even showing all of the individual holes in each piece of wood, which is a saving grace when you don't have the little stickers on them.

So, now I need to steam clean the carpet and then I can put together the long chest of drawers and, well, that'll be it with the exception of putting up pictures and figuring out if we're gonna put lil N in a crib, a toddler bed or a twin mattress on the floor.

I almost made the July date that I set for myself. Shoulda been done alot sooner, but I had a big gap between getting all the furniture moved out and just plain getting started.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whole lotta music goin' on!

I recently finished up both the 2nd Elvis MP3 DVD as well as a Journey MP3 DVD.
This puts me just shy of 1100 hrs of music. Up on deck is a Rolling Stones MP3 DVD with just shy of 50 hrs of music (it's 49h 59m and 39s to be exact) and the last Elvis MP3 DVD clocking in at just under 25 hours. There's actually more on that DVD, however, it's a repeat of the RCA Elvis Collection which I listened to already earlier in the year, so I can spare myself another 30 hours of music that I've already heard before.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I forgot to mention that when my friends came up from lil' ol Anna Ohio, that we went to O'Charley's. I got the Firecracker Burger Wrap. It was basically a hamburger cut in half with some lettuce and a spicy sauce wrapped in a ... um ... wrap. It wasn't very good. And it marked the second evening in a row where I got short changed on french fries. On Saturday my parents were in town and they stopped in and we went to Red Lobster. I got the Admiral's Feast. Their prices have changed btw. I swear it is about 4 dollars more for everything there. I remember the Admiral's Feast costing about 12.95 and I think it was 16.95. Anyhoo... they short changed me on fries there as well. I bet I had, no lie, like 30 fries. A very small handful. Probably the equiv of a small fry at McDs. Did I need more than that considering EVERYTHING on my plate was deep fried, probably not... but when I get a platter and my side of fries is miniscule, I tend to get peeved since I can take the rest home in a to-go box. Jerks. Red Lobster is getting one strike after the other. First, they stop doing the all-you-can-eat crab legs and now charging me $4 more for everything. Granted I might be able to give them a pass on the crab legs since they lost a TON of money on that. Some doofus didn't think they would have many takers when charging $22 for all you can eat crab legs. Big dummy. The reason most people don't get crab legs is that 1) they are expensive and 2) because you don't get much from it when you do get them. But if you make it UNLIMITED, people will gladly cram 3 lbs of crab legs down their gullet for $22. High class eatin' there! THey even give yo a bib so you can lick off all the little pieces that fly off! I need to visit Maine or something where I'm sure that all-you-can-eat crab legs places are a dime a dozen. I love crab legs... but i refuse to pay for them. At least I have that one time I got the all you can eat crab legs at Red Lobster. It was tasty.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Painter for hire

Spent much of this weekend painting my daughter's soon-to-be new room. I just want the thing done now. Originally I was going to wait for my sister and her husband to come up and paint... but then I thought 'I painted her first room, the nursery, so I should also paint her new room'. So M went to Cinci Friday and Saturday, so I got a late start on Friday due to procrastination... went to bed at like 1am... then worked a few hours on Saturday. Sucks when you have to wait like 3 or 4 hours between coats. Grr. So all I got done was putting on the primer and then painting the base boards. Once I get the the walls done, then things will move really fast since at that point it's just about putting together the crib and her dressers. I don't mind the sauder furniture stuff. They used to really really be a pain to put together, but they've made great advances, so it's pretty easy to do.

Had some friends from back home come up on Sunday. I don't think I had seen them since N was like 3 months old... so it's been a while. Their daughter is about a month older than N so they managed to amuse each other, though N was a little bit shy. She's been doing that alot as of late. That whole stranger anxiety thing is kicking in. By then end of the day though, she of course cried when they had to go. They just don't understand things like 'we'll see them again soon'.

I forgot to mention that my Canon SureShot A75 finally croaked on the CCD harness. There was a problem that affected a bazillion or so cameras back in 2005 (which was 1 year after I had originally bought mine). There was a piece which connected the CCD to something which wasn't manufactured correctly, so after a while, it would just stop working... aka, no more taking pictures. Well, I was taking a blizzard of photos of N the other day and then the screen went blank. I knew exactly what it was. I was concerned that Canon wouldn't fix it for free as they did back in 2005. I was also concerned that they would replace it with a new camera, which I really didn't want since I like the one I have now since it's fairly light and takes decent pictures and I know most of its tricks. But, it turned out they would fix my current one. When I finally sent it in, I was concerned that it was going to take them more than a month to fix it which wouldn't be in time for N b-day... but about a week later, they had it fixed and shipped it back. Works like I a champ. Thank you Canon for fixing a problem correctly.

I started a blog the other day to track what I'm eating since I've gained about 10 lbs and my pants are starting to not fit as well. Did you know that an Admiral's Feast at Red Lobster is 1060 calories. Neither did I. Egads. And those stupid tasty cheddar buiscuts are something like 230 cal eat. Realizing what one is eating sucks. But, if I have any hope of losing any weight... it is a necessary evil to understand what I am eating.

Um... not much else.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

what in the world...

.. have i been up to lately. i honestly can't say really... but i'll make a half attempt:

* been sorta kinda not really getting lil N's big girl room ready. i really need to get it primed and painted cause then it's just a hop skip and jump before it's ready. oh ... i need to steam clean the carpets as well. oh.. the electrician came in and did his thing... so now the light switch actually controls the ceiling light. yay!

* i hung out with todd and ian last friday. it was all good. there were hot pork rinds digested. we watched 'the legend of billie jean' and some funny ass green wing. ok, assy mcgee wasn't good, but that was the only blemish. man, i hated that show. i'm glad it was only a 15 minute episode.

* went back home for b-days and early father's day last weekend. lil N got to run around and play in the sprinkler with a couple of my cousin's kids. the burgers were good and we also had homemade ice cream which was tasty tasty. i haven't had homemade ice cream in, like, 15 years or so. it's been a long time. and it's every bit as good as i remember.

* went to the zoo two weekends ago. ate lunch there. it was cool to hang out with the Mrs and lil N. weather was nice. not the overly hot crap or rainy crap we've been dealing with as of late.

* i still need to decide where i want to have my father's day meal. it's still really weird to know that _i_ get to celebrate father's day. weird indeed.

* i'm not motivated to work today... this sucks. i'll find something work related to bide my time and keep busy so i don't drive myself nuts.