Friday, May 09, 2008

S. . . l . . . . . . o . . . . . . . w R . . . . .a . . . . . m . . . . b. . .l . .e

I feel slow today. I'm sure that it has to do with being at work on Friday after being off Monday through Wednesday on our first family vacation (we went to Cinci, went to the zoo and fun was had by all). I dragged through yesterday as well. And I slept on the couch last night (due to some tasty but less than friendly food from PF Chang's and my wife's sensitive nose).. which actually... it's that big of a problem really since I actually slept until 6am or so... but I do have slight remnants of a crick in my neck. And of course it's dreary and rainy out. Blech. And I have to do not one but two status reports. And I feel like a big dope at work lately, wondering if I'm cutout for this crap. Everyone seems to think I'm doing an okay job though, so, I guess I'm not doing that bad. I feel like I'm sitting in some slightly cooled jello. It's not a solid yet, but it's getting there. I'm still able to move, but not with the greatest of ease. Maybe I'm slightly dreading looking at the Discover bill and reconsiling everything in Quicken this weekend. Maybe I feel bad 'cause I didn't get through getting all the home movies onto DVD before Mother's Day. I need to look at the can lights in the family room as well. 3 out of 6 are currently out and putting new bulbs in doesn't do anything. I hope there isn't a leak in my roof. That would suck. I really don't feel like doing these status reports, but I need to since, well, it's part of my job. There used to be plenty of time before the first build came for the new project, but it's quickly coming up now and half my team are noobs. They know some stuff, but they are still unsure of themselves. Plus, we have a gazillion high level docs to write. I need to get my brain back up to speed so I'm not looking at a whole lotta nothing where there should be tons o test cases. Later.

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