Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Breaking the 10K mark

Well, finally broke the 10K mark on ye olde Music Counter. Actually, I passed it a while ago. I'm about it pass the 11K mark now. But no matter. The Kiss MP3 CDs have been going rather quickly. Actually, they all have been since I've had to keep my head down and my fingers testing. And when you're pulling 10 / 11 / 12 hour days they tend to move along a little faster as well.

The hours are starting to wear on me, but I think the 9 hours I got last night helped out quite a bit. I went to bed at 9pm. It's been a while since I've done that. Woke up at the ass-crack of 5:45 this morning, my wonderful wife was already up with our sick daughter and made me some bacon and eggs. It was quite a nice way to start the day. Then at lunch, I got 10 Banquet meals for $5.38 _with_ tax! They had some BOGO coupones in the freeze section for pot pies, so I got 5 of those. Then the reg meals were 10 for 10. And on top of that, K Rogers was having some weird promo where, if you bought 10 banquet meals you got 2 dollars off your bill automatically. Wootage! So yeah, 10 meals + 5.38 = awesome. Better than the $2 I would spend in ONE MEAL at McDs.

Um.. what else.. I already exclaimed about my 50 musicals DVD thing. Still haven't had a chance to watch any yet. I wonder when my Kill Bill Pt 2 will be coming in. Started reading a book on bad casting in movies. Like John Wayne as Gengis Khan (sp?). Yeah, how that got through the studio heads is beyond me. That's a good book for when you're not really in a reading mood. You read one little blip and then you can be done and not retain ANY of it to memory like you would with a reg piece of fiction or even a biography. I made a feeble attempt at starting Turn Turn Turn, a book about the folk-rock revolution of the 60's, but I don't think I have the mental capacity for that right now. It's like 300 pages, which wouldn't be a big deal, except that it's in microscopic font... so 1 page is like 3 pages of regular text, which makes it a 900 page book. And nil pictures. It's put out by Hal Leonard, so I think it might be used as a text book as well.

The Dilbert calendar hasn't been that good this year, but I'm sure it'll pick up. It's Dilbert which means it ALWAYS applies to me. I see the project creep mentality first hand. Except, 'round here it seems to be feature swipe, where it's in your project until they look at the time line and don't like it, so they swipe it from your project and put it on a later project.. which makes it this huge thing... and then when they look at that project's schedule... you can guess what happens. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Um... been having some odd dreams lately. One involved me looking around a warehouse full of pillows to find two matching ones that would look ogod with the couch, but they had to be on sale with a little orange clearance sticker.

And this morning, I had another one of my 'I'm late for school' dreams. So, I was heading to school and following some dude who 'knew the way' and had to cut through a shipping warehouse (at which point he disappear)... I ended up on top of one of the trucks but then safely swung down and ran out the back door... but then I noticed at some point I lost my pants and was wearing only boxer shorts... and I didn't have any in my gym bag. At first I thought that maybe I could just go to school that way, but then decided that maybe falling out in the middle of class might be frowned upon, so instead of going back through the warehouse, I attempted to go back home another way which involved cutting through an old apartment building. At that point I started to get mugged, until a TV crew showed up. So the main mugger dude (there were about 8 of them) put his arm around me like we were pals, to which I responded to by repeatedly punching him in the face, which didn't seem to phase him. And then I woke up. Yeah, take that one to your shrink and see if they can decipher THAT. At least there wasn't an overflowing toilet. That's a common reoccurance in my dreams as well.

Well, I gotta get back to the grind. Later!


Maryann said...


That's my hubby. :-)

::: said...

kroger is so weird sometimes. I liked Big Bear better but they all went away, didn't they.

Word up to KISS MP3s & going to bed at 9pm!

rhubygirl said...

i recommend "uncle john's bathroom reader" when you just need something to read and can't concentrate long enough for an actual BOOK.

do you know if they're doing a proper quentin release of the kill bill series? like with special chat and deleted scenes and stuff? i know quentin does more than the NUTHIN EXTRAS that was available when the movies were first released.....

Darrin said...

Yeah... you know it... I'm you super saving hubby

Yeah... all the Big Bears are gone... and a grocery store I think you actually would have liked, Sunflower, has come and gone out of Columbus in a matter of only a year. If you hurry over to 161 and Riverside (will a little E of Riverside) you can still get stuff for 50%. I might check out what might have been at lunch today.

hmm... i'll have to check out the bathroom read... but i'll make sure i get a new copy... cause a used copy of a book called the bathroom reader sounds kinda 'blech'. And as for the 'proper' release of KB, I have no idea. I know when Pulp Fiction came out, there wasn't the super deluxe version of that either. maybe it's a matter of time or something.

rhubygirl said...

re: blech, i think you're accurate.

re: PF/KB1&2: thanks for the tip. i didn't have $$ when PF first came out, so i didn't pay any attention, but i know i have a superdeluxe version now...so i'll keep waiting. thx!!