Thursday, November 15, 2007

Robot Guitar

This thing just baffles me for many, many reasons.

I introduce to you (if you hadn't heard about it already)... the Gibson Robot Guitar.


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Todd Says: said...

THAT is my kind of guitar. It's basically idiot proof. The whole winds it's own strings thing was cool. but here's what I don't get. The thing can tune itself, change its own strings, but you still have to turn the screws manually to set the intonation?? Hmmm.

Of course it's gonna be a bajillion bucks prolly, so no chance that it's gonna wind itself up in my basement.

Maybe I'll have to find some spare time and enter their commercial contest. Anyone got a Gibson all up in here?

Darrin said...

No. It does the intonation as well. I think it was towards the end of the video.