Sunday, November 11, 2007

A little slack, please.

Buckeyes go into yesterday's game seated at No. 1.
- They lose to Illinois

I need to rake leaves to the lawn can get winterized. Meteorologists say there will be light precipitation Sunday evening.
- It rains and sleets by 8:30am Sunday morning

I need to lower the mattress on the crib which requires my hex wrenches.
- I can't find my hex wrenches

My wife's computer needed an anti-virus update late last night
- Now the computer restarts when trying to perform a virus scan or spyware scan.

Oh oh... and last but definitely not least, my sister came over yesteday. She hadn't see the basement since we had it sealed and what not.
- She looks at the wall and says 'Is it supposed to be bubbling up like that?'. In other words, the few grand I spent on sealing the basement didn't do jack and the minerals are pushing their way past the 2 layers of 'epoxy' (or whatever they put on, should have been Elmer's Glue for all I know) and a layer of primer. All within two months of having it seals. *sigh*

C'mon! Work with me here!

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