Thursday, July 05, 2007

A few things

WTG Joey Chestnut for bringing back the Mustard Belt to the USA by woofing down 66 Nathan's hot dogs. And I still think that Kobayashi should have been DQ'ed following his 'reversal of fortune'. However, instead, the IFOCE simply made a 'deduction' on the number of dogs that he ate, which in my opinion goes against the rules which they set forth. But, I guess maybe the 'reversal of fortune' rule might be like traveling in the NBA. It's meant to be bent a little (or not enforced at all).


Issah Washington is a complete moron. All this finger pointing about how he was fired because he was a black man who uttered 'f*ggot' not once, but twice and that this was a ploy be TR Knight who is in a bid to be the most popular Grey's Anatomy star and that it was Patrick What-His-Face who started the whole thing with his spittle attack on you cause he was late or something. Dude, I hate to tell you, but that had nothing to do with color. It probably has more to do with you being a big whiner.


Brittany Spears is a nut job. I don't really need to quote any sources or examples on this one. Though her latest comment on how that whole incident where she took a few swings at a paparazzi's car with an umbrella had something to do with 'preparing for a role in a movie'. Um... ok. Whatever. Just admit you were whacked out on meth or were having a mental breakdown due to exhaustion or stress.


Todd S. said...

Hells yeah.

That's all I got. A big hells yeah (from the redneck girls like me??). Hmmm. That can't be right.


Bald Man Tom said...

heh - 'reversal of fortune'... heh.

that was pretty damned gross. wonderful that every local newscast had that one clip of Kobayashi on their evening news casts...