Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bizzy Bee - Part 2

Had another weekend full of yardword fun. On Saturday I managed to weed the majority of the section out back. I also got most of the trees trimmed that I wanted to get trimmed. That only took 7 hours. Blech! Then on Sunday, I got to bundle up all the branches from the tree trimming in the morning. After I quickee birthday party for one of the babies in Maryann's mommy group, I cam back and laid down 36 bags of mulch in a little over an hour. Funny thing, is that I sweated more in that hour than I did the entire previous day. Go figure.

Anyhoo... I'm glad that I got the majority of the yardwork done. There are still a couple of things that I want to do, but if they don't get done then it's no big deal.

Does anyone really care about me doing yardwork? Probably not. :-P


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Todd S. said...

I need to make this weekend a yardwork weekend at Casa del Skaggs...but I'm SO not motivated for that.