Saturday, May 26, 2007

What to do....

The wife leaves the husband at home on a Saturday afternoon. She informs him that she is going to grab lunch on the run so he must fend for himself. The husband starts to panic but then decides to sit down and think about it.

Ah ha! He finds the answer!

SPAM!!! Tabasco Flavored no less!

It comes out of the can. He is amazed that it holds the same shape in the can as it does out of the can. 'Amazing!', he things. But that is a large piece of meat. the wife made a bounty of delicious pancakes this morning and he is surely not THAT hungry.

The answer is: Cut it in half. In his hunger-crazed eyes, his center cut is a bit off.

The husband finds his way to the fridge and pulls out his favorite beer: Shiner Bock. 'Mmmm, beer!', he thinks. With beer, meat and a spatula in hand, he heads outdoors to the mighty grill.

The husband fires up the grill and places the slabs of meat on the grill. The aroma makes his hunger grow. To take his mind off the pains, he walks around to inspect the new gutters that were installed that Friday. 'Boy! They sure do look good! Leaf Gutter rules!', he thinks.

Out front he spies a rabbit feasting on some grass. The eating rabbit reminds him of his food on the grill.

Luckily, the meat is cooking nicely. He flips the slabs o Spam and lets them cook til there are nice char marks on it.

After 15 minutes, he is satisfied and plates the larger piece of Spam (about a 1/2 lbs worth) on a bun. 'Mmmm... time to eat!', he thinks.

Mouthful after mouthful of wonderful Tabasco Spammy goodness enters the husbands mouth. Finally, he is full. He puts away his dishes and goes outdoors to do manly things like mowing the lawn and washing the car.

The End.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm a little bit better now. Nothing that a Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger from Rally's can't help set straight. Drove far from work to Rally's, then drove even farther south to the park(s) that line Riverside. Parked at a spot overlooking el Scioto River, listened to Kiss' first Alive! album and chowed down. I feel a little bit better now. Sometimes, I just need to spit some blood and fire (like Gene Simmons does on stage) about what's bugging me in order to swing the pendulum the other direction. And it appears to have worked for now.

Peace outside.

Not Happy

I'm having one of those 'not happy' moments. So if I'm mean to you, don't let it bother you 'cause I'm just frustrated about a multitude of things that I probably shouldn't be frustrated about. I'll eventually get over it. But, you have been warned. Today is not the day to test my patience or annoy me or be stupid.

This concludes my broadcast.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thanks Tom! and other news (or lack thereof)

I know I've thanked him a million times over, but again, a big Thank You to Tom who helped me finish off digging and filling in the leech bed that I had to put in since I'm getting new gutters on the house soon.

Other than that, notta much going on. Work is getting better by the day simply because I'm learning more and more about the product.

I'm eating lemon jello pudding with a fork right now and it's pretty tasty. Thank you Odd.. er Big Lots for pricing it at 79c for 4 little tubby thingys. I also bought some Farley's Fruit Slices candy thee as well. Kinda like the orange slice candy except that is has lots of other flavors. I didn't need them, but I went during lunch, before I ate, which is like the worst thing that you can do. I put back at least 5 other things: Hunt's Speghetti sauce in a 28 oz can, a jar of Mt. Olive 'garlic-free' dill pickles, Zattaran's Brown Rice and Sausage Heat n Eat package, 1 liter of some off brand strawberry soda and some cheepo tortilla chips.

Um... Norah is thiiiiiiiiiis close to crawling at the moment. She can definitely motor around alot faster. I really need to kiddie-proof the concrete thingy in front of the fireplace.

And that's about all I got.

And how are you???

Friday, May 04, 2007

Notta Much other than a favorite chippy snack question

Notta much goin' on folks, but figured I'd drop a quick shout to say "SHIT YEAH!!!" and throw out some random thoughts that haven't warranted their own posts... or something. Words.

The new job is as good as can be excepted in its second week with my boss (and the rest of my colleagues' boss) gone to Vegas. I at least have seen the software that they build. That puts some tangibleness to the documents that I read all last week.

We're getting new gutters put on the house. The old ones are, well, just pissing me off. They are always clogging and I think that there are other things wrong that I don't know about. So, to remedy that, we're using our tax refund and getting Leaf Guard gutters. One piece, seamless stuff with that whole liquid adhesion thing going on so water goes in but twigs and shit, for the most part, stay out. Looks like I am gonna have to put in a new downspout myself though. Seems that it's not a good thing to make a 45 foot long gutter since once can't get the pitch correct for water to do it's thing. I'm hoping I can tie into one of the other downspouts that is about 10 feet away. If not, I guess I'm, as Beatle John (or was it Paul) said "digging a hole" and putting gravel in it.

Some of my favorite chip snacks, in no particular order:
1) Snyder's Of Berlin (not Hanover) Barbecue Potato Chips - I've likes this for a long while now. And the funny thing is, in my opinion, they really aren't that BBQy either. It must be the MSG goodness that makes them so tasty.
2) Munchos - I love these things. And you have to say 'things' cause they aren't really chips (aka sliced from a potato). I can eat a big bag of these in one sitting easy, though I need some significant beverage since they are salty as all hell.
3) TGI Fridays Potato Skins - Cheddar and Bacon flavor. These used to be called Tato Skins until someone got the bright idea of marketing them with TGIFs name. These things are awesome. I had nearly forgotten about them until I saw them in the vending machine here at work. I hope they keep them in stock, though, at 50c an ounce, I just need to find a store that has the big bags of them and then ration them out.
4) Andy Capp's Hot Fries. These things are tasty as well. I still remember having a bag of these when I was about 10 years old. Why do I remember this? Well, mainly cause it was an evening that my parents were out of town and we had a babysitter. My sister and I kept coloring them with red markers and shit and trying to get the babysitter to eat one of them. Of course, she wisely did not. In retrospect, it makes sense. If some kid walked up to you and handed you a single Andy Capp fry and said "Here, eat this" with a devilish grin on their face would you eat it? Me? I probably would, just to freak them out. Course, if it had like hand soap on it, I'd probably freak out and chase them down the street for good measure.
5) Mikesell's Good N Hot potato chips - These are very tasty and very hot. Not as hot as Blair's Death Rain habaƱero chips, but as far as typical run of the mill chips go, these are pretty hot. And I like them. I've also found that Jay's Hot Stuff chips are a good substitute should the Mikesells not be available. Spiciness is about the same. The main difference is that the Mikesells are thick n wavy while the Jay's are thin and flat. Honestly, I should technically like the Jay's better since I prefer flat over wavy. But, Mikesells was first and therefore wins the official vote.

What are your favorite chippy-like snacks? I'd like to know. Gimme a comment. Do it now. Otherwise you'll forget and I'll have to cut n paste this thing all over again. Thanks for playing. Come back soon, ya hear? So seriously, did you hear that? Ok, good. Over and out blog lurkers.