Thursday, October 25, 2001

Yo! Sorry it's been so long. I just get caught up in work and shit and I just don't get to my blogger every day. I've been reading "The Real Frank Zappa Book". Mike Chuck Bill Douglas let me borrow it. I have to say, it ain't too bad. While reading it, I've been listening to my collection of 78s. A weird combination, I know, but let's face it, I'm killing two birds with one stone and it works for me. I'm too the part where he's all music philosophy and how he thinks classical music and modern music is all crap because it never invents anything new (or that's at least how I read it). Now the funny thing to me is, that through out the book, he talks about how he takes the stupid elements of rock and puts them into his music. I guess he's doing it for the humor of it all, inside joke kinda thing. Well, that's Frank for ya. Quite frankly, I wish he'd get back to his life story... it's more interesting than hearing him bitch about shit when he's dead. Tell me about your life Fucker! I wanna hear how screwed up you really are from playing with those big globs of mercury that your Dad brought home for you.

So, we had practice tonight, and for the first time in a long while... we all were there. Todd is finally moved into his house, so he can now devote a little more time. Wee! And I have to admit, I think it was one of the better practices that we've had in quite a long while. We went through mostly new stuff. In fact I think it was all new stuff. Blody Red Steak? Check. Frankenstein's French Fries? Check. Shit Down Your Neck? Check. Flesh Feast? Check. I think that might be all we practiced. But damn, it was fun. I don't think I've had that much fun in a while. I've been stuck in a practice rut for a little while. We'd practice the same song 3 times and then we'd quit. "Well, we're done here." and that would be it. Today, before Gourley got to the house, Todd, Ian, MCB and all hung out and laughed at the magazines that Ian brought back and talked about getting together on Saturday for an all day kinda thing, putting together ideas for Gourley's solo album (oops... cat's out of the bag now!) Then we practiced and after we went through all the shite I talked about above, we all hung out a little and talked and shit. And it was cool.

After they left, I started watching Junkyard Wars. About 9:45pm, right when they were about to compete against each other... the power goes out. I had the TV up loud enough that I didn't hear what was going on outside. And there it was... the howling of the train. I've been through a couple of rough storms in my house, but this is the first time I was genuinely concerned. With the lights out, I fetched my little safety flashlight that blinks when the power goes out and headed for the basement. I've never heard a tornado, and I hope I never have to, but this sounded like one and I'd be damned if I was going to wait upstairs and be sucked out the front window. I went down stairs and checked the sump pump. Shit. Fuller than hell. I was at the point where it should have gone off, but needed just a little more water. Great. What the hell do I do if it floods? What the hell happens if a tornado does hit? Do I have enough pictures of the shit I own to claim it to the insurance company? What about all the shit I have from everyone else? Ian's Marshall amp? Todd's P.A. system? My drums? Then the lights came on. I first set off the sump pump. Bye bye water. I then ran upstairs, go the camera and took pitcures of all the shit I own. The computer, the CDs, the records, the appliances, all the shit in the practice room, the washer and dryer. The storm had calmed down considerably.

So, feeling good about practice, I plunked in the Devilcake BBQ night tape. This is the kinda thing that, if the band does become famous, you'll see this shit on Before The Were Stars on VH1. It's us just goofing off. We took the camera into the grocery store when we bought all the shit, we filmed ourselves cooking and planning for the DC movie (that has yet to occur). We filmed ourselves eating and goofing off, watching some hilarious Iron Maiden video. And then, the acoustic set... candles and all. It was the most fun all. And it was cool. We all were having a good time... such a good time that after we finished the 'set', we plugged in the camcorder and watched ourselves. Yeah, it's weird, but it was cool. All the guys, just hanging out and making fun of each other and shit.

Well, I have (another) long day waiting for me tomorrow, so I'll leave it on that note. The guys in Devilcake are cooler than shit and they're my buds. And that's all I have to say about that.

G'night! Peace!


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